oven cleaning walton on thames ovenThe best way of caring for your oven is of course, to book your annual oven clean with Elmbridge Ovens and Carpets. In between times, here are some ideas to help you extend the life of your cooker.

Tips For Caring For Your Oven

Never over-heat your oven. Get to know its hot-spots, and arrange shelves to ensure even cooking.

Never, ever, use a proprietary brand of oven cleaner. They don’t work properly but, far from caring for your oven, the ingredients are caustic, with the threat you can burn yourself and damage the oven surfaces. They are also not bio-degradable so completely unsafe for use at properties with septic tank drainage, not to mention the damage they do to our environment.

Try to keep the oven free from grease. A hot oven will cause fat deposits to smoke and smell, a most unpleasant effect.

Invest in a non-stick oven liner, available from us at a better price than those available on the high street. If you must buy elsewhere, you could try http://www.lakeland.co.uk

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